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Precision Devices, Inc. Repair and Special Services

Surfometer® and Profilometer® Repair

Precision Devices, Inc., specializes in the repair of Profilometer® and Surfometer® components including tracers, motor drives, amplifiers and associated accessories. We have built a national reputation for quality replacement parts and work is done by specially trained, skilled technicians who have over 75 years total combined experience. We use the latest electronic equipment traceable to the NIST in the repair and calibration of these instruments. 24-hour emergency service is available upon request.

Acquisition of Giddings & Lewis Metrology Systems Operations (MSO)

In January 1998, PDI acquired the MSO Product Line. Included in this acquision are the following products:

  • Profilometer®
  • Proficorder®
  • Indi-Ron®
  • Indicorder®
  • Indi-AC® Dimensional Systems including BX, BXT and all gage heads and height stands

PDI offers service on all the above plus total upgrades on Proficorder Linear Profiler, Indi-Ron, and Indicorder Systems.

Engine Bearing Height Test Measurement

PDI is the leading manufacture of Bearing Height Test Measurement Gages.

These gages are used to measure half round engine bearings to determine the parting height. Tolerance on these gage range in the .000020 to .000050 flatness, parallel and round. PDI also manufactures Master Bearings to be used in setting the gage for the proper height. PDI Also offers a reconditioning service for the Bearing Test Gages. Repair using hard chrome to original specifications.

Problem Solving and Technical Assistance

PDI has specialist available to answer any of your technical questions on surface measurement and geometric relationship measurements.

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