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Ball Arbors & Chucks

Precision Devices, Inc. Ball Arbors are used primarily to position parts for inspection of runout, concentricity, squareness and parallelism.

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Hydraulic Arbors and Chucks

Unequaled work holding accuracy for grinding, balancing, inspection, boring, facing, reaming, drilling, turning, shaving, hobbing and honing.

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Champion Expanding Mandrels

Champion expanding mandrels, split sleeve style, used in inspection, turning, and grinding applications. Excellent for work holding and grinding of parts. Strong holding power.

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Sweep Gages

Sweep Gages are used to measure bores for position and runout and can be incorporated into Ball Arbors.

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Custom Fixture Gages

This fixture checks 4 runouts and 1 radial/axial runout on engine dampers (Serpentine pulley). All indicators except one (center) moves in and out to load and unload the damper.

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Being a computer-based system, the MicroAnalyzer 2000 is capable of meeting your current and future surface texture requirements.

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Surface Roughness Instruments

Always at the forefront of technological development in surface measurement systems, PDI introduces the completely modular Series 800 Surfometers.

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Surface Metrology Guide

Precision Devices Inc. (PDI) produced this Surface Metrology Guide in an effort to help its current and future customers learn more about surface finish and related subjects.

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Dimensional Gaging

The precision gaging amplifier (PGA) is a solid state, compact, and easy to use unit for obtaining dimensional gaging measurements.

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Ind-Ron Roundness

A very rigid console with a large surface plate and gage stand permits increased versatility, accuracy, and capacity over the portable bench type systems.

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Instrument for measuring noise and vibration in Assembled bearings.

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About Us

Precision Devices, Inc. strives to be the leader in the field of metrology by supplying highly advanced, quality systems that meet the stringent requirements of our customers.

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