Champion Expanding Mandrels

Champion Expanding Mandrels

Precision Devices, Inc. Champion® - Mandrels and Work-Holding Devices

PDI Champion Mandrels and Work-Holding Devices

C-M-8 MandrelC-M Heavy Duty Mandrels

Popular for inspection, grinding and turning operations in maintenance, prototype and tooling shops. Initial cost low; delivery fast; largest sleeve sizes commercially available. Proven, rugged, simple design (T.I.R. 0.001").

C-M-600C-M-600 Close Tolerance Mandrels

Popular for grinding, inspection and close tolerance turning operations. Between center mounting. Two sleeve lengths available (T.I.R. 0.0005"). 0.015" sleeve and expansion on a given diameter.

C-N-100 MandrelsC-N-100 Nut Actuated Mandrels

A nut-actuated, between center mandrel designed to simplify part loading/unloading, while providing the longest sleeve for maximum bore contact. Snap ring groove provides part locator stop. Excellent for those production requirements where .0005" T.I.R. is needed. 0.015" sleeve and expansion on a given diameter.

C-M-1403 Stepped MandrelC-M-1400 Stepped Mandrels

Between center mandrel to accomodate shorter bore lengths and light manufacturing operations (T.I.R. 0.001").

C-M-143 MandrelC-M-140 Wide Range Mandrels

Between center mandrel where maximum expansion is required to accomodate wide variation of part bore sizes. (T.I.R. 0.001")

F-N-806 MandrelF-N/P-800 Flange-Mounted Mandrels

More mounting holes, larger flange and shorter overall length add user flexibility. Nut or power drawbar actuation. Two sleeve styles available. F-N-800 operates manually; F-P-800 accepts only power drawbar. F-N-800 includes arbor, sleeve, drawbar, nut, washer; F-P-800 includes arbor, sleeve, drawbar, and washer.

F-N-1870 MandrelF-N/P-1800 High Production Flange-Mounted Mandrels

Two sleeve styles available. Unique six hole design accommodates both three and four hole mounting requirements.F-P-1800 accepts only power drawbar; F-N-1800 operates manually. Both F-P-1800 and F-N-1800 Series Mandrels consist of arbor, sleeve, drawbar and washer.

Drawbar AdaptorD-A-2800 Drawbar Adaptors

D-A-2800 Drawbar Adaptor allows one power drawbar to accommodate various mandrel size, simplifying setup.

Flatback AdaptorF-B-A-3800 Flat Back Adaptors

F-B-A-3800 Series Flat Back Adaptor permits easier 1800 mandrel set up through use of centering screws.

Part LocatorP-L-4800 Part Locators

P-L-4800 Part Locator helps position part economically and accurately on 1800 Series mandrels.

Champion Split Vise

Champion Split Vise

  • Holds part up to 61 3/4" long for machining on T slot tables with 1/2" or wider T slot
  • Unique tie bar gear rack withstands full clamping force
  • Heavy Acme screw allows 1" jaw movement
  • Jaws are hardened and ground steel
  • Vise always aligns with T slots
  • Easy to adjust for length

Champion Swivel Jaws

Swivel Jaw   Swivel Jaw

  • Mounts in any standard vise
  • Eliminates shims and fixtures for irregular, curved, or tapered work.
  • Automatic compensation for irregular shapes.
  • Reduces part damage.
  • Increases vise life.
  • Improves cutting tool life.

Shaft FixtureChampion Shaft Fixture

  • An essential investment for round, square, hexagonal, octagonal, or rectangular shafting.
  • Key in fixture base aligns work with T slots in table.
  • All working surfaces precision ground.
  • Available in matched sets for longer work.
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally. Comes in four sizes.

Shaft FixtureChampion Super V Block

  • 4" to 18" shaft capacity.
  • Adjustable roller chain strap simplifies setup.
  • Aligns work quickly with machine table.
  • Sold in sets of two - total weight 100 pounds.

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