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The mission of Precision Devices, Inc. is to provide 100% customer satisfaction through

PDI Headquarters

“Pride in Workmanship and Service”

Precision Devices, Inc. strives to be the leader in the field of metrology by supplying highly advanced, quality systems that meet the stringent requirements of our customers. This is achieved by providing our worldwide customer base with an experienced, well-skilled workforce knowledgeable in the high precision required by our instruments. We will continue to provide the quality service and quality workmanship that is expected of our products and is unparalleled in our industry.

Our product lines include Surface Texture Measuring Systems, Roundness and Geometry Gages, Dimensional products and our exclusive Centerline Ball Arbors and Chucks. Our products meet the requirements of a diverse customer base through management and employees working together as a team to provide industry leading gaging products.

Updated May 2001

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